Today’s challenges
In the era of technology connecting people worldwide, parents and children are now compelled to connect virtually using mobile phones, tablets, or computers to catch up with friends or attend classes and meetings. A pertinent question arises: does it bring humans closer, or does it create more distance?
Di Zi Gui—The Teaching of Sages
“At home, a good student and child is filial towards his parents; When away from home he practises fraternity. Next, he is discreet and trustworthy, he loves all and draws himself close to and learns from people of virtue and benevolence. With residual time, he studies and learns literature and art.” The Book Di Zi Gui rooted 2500 years ago and compiled 300 over years ago. Are these values contained in the Di Zi Gui outdated?
Not at all. The universal principles of gratefulness, love, and the persistent pursuit of life’s meanings transcend time and space. Throughout the course, you will learn how the guiding principles are being applied in people’s lives and how they have benefitted from practising the principles.
Who should study and practise Di Zi Gui
Although meant to be used as a book to teach children about moral values, it is equally important for adults to learn from Di Zi Gui so that both adults and children can learn and practise these lessons in their lives and experience how they can become better persons.
In this 3-day short course, we will utilise Di Zi Gui, essential common courtesies as references. Through engaging lectures and active participation in group discussions facilitated by Di Zi Gui practitioners, we aim to explore ancient Chinese teachings, gaining valuable insights into addressing these contemporary challenges.
Learning Outcomes
Learned about the important life skills that would help a person to achieve success and happiness in life.
Teaching Approach
Onsite learning through lectures, group discussions, video presentations, and practical applications.
Course Duration
Check-in on 22 March 2024 (Friday) 11:00am
Check-out on 24 March 2024 (Sunday) 4:00pm
Reference Books
1. Di Zi Gui
2. Essential Chinese Common Courtesies


18 years old and above
Good command of English
Mobile phones will be collected in the morning and returned at the end of the class each day.
An emergency phone number will be provided by Malaysian Han Studies.
(2)Registration Process
1. Registration commencement: 6 February 2024
2. Registration deadline: 12 March 2024
3. If you are interested, please click the “REGISTER NOW” button below to enroll yourself

For inquiry kindly WhatsApp Message Teacher Jong at
+6011 5501 7793
(3)Course Fee
This is a community service course offered free of charge to the public. Accommodation, meals, and car parks are provided. Participants are required to stay in Mahans throughout the entire course.

*Note: Funding for the course is sponsored through donations.
(4)Number of Seats Available
(5)Study Location
No 1, Jalan Tun Hamzah, Mukim Bukit Katil, Hang Tuah Jaya,75450, Melaka.