Di Zi Gui Workshop


With added wisdom from the Chinese Common Courtesies and Liaofan’s Four Lessons: Changing Destiny that we have learned since 2020, we will re-visit Di Zi Gui in the year 2022, “the fundamental guidelines for being a decent human being”. For a newcomer, you will gain insight into how important one’s family is to a person, and what are the guidelines to help us to maintain a happy life and realise “Home is Where our Journey Begins”. For the veterans, this course will serve to “re-charge” our positive energy, and resolve difficulties in the face of challenges from human relationships: Parents and Child, Husband and Wife, Elders and Juniors, Leaders and Subordinates, and finally Friendship.


Come to Malaysian Han Studies to meet new friends, reconnects with old classmates, enjoy the sequin ambiance of Mahans and the delicious vegetarian lunch. Many of the past participants have shared their stories and benefited from the open and frank small group discussions moderated by our facilitators. As better thoughts make better days, we invite you and look forward to the wonderful and mutual learning experience.


Course Duration
5 March
How did the Chinese teach their descendants 4500 years ago
2 April
Di Zi Gui-: At home, be dutiful to my parents
Chapter 1
7 May
Di Zi Gui- Chapter 1: At home, be dutiful to my parents
Chapter 1
4 June
Chapter 2: Away from home, observe fraternity
Chapter 2
2 July
Chapter3:Be mindful in my daily life
Chapter 3
6 August
Chapter 3: Be mindful in my daily life
Chapter 3
3 September
Chapter 4: Be trustworthy
Chapter 4
8 October

Love all equally

Chapter 5
5 November
Chapter 6: Be close to the virtuous and Chapter 7: Practise and learn to be a cultured person
Chapter 6 and Chapter 7
10 December
Recap Di Zi Gui 2022
Chapter 1-7

*Date may be subject to changes.

Course Hours

9:30am–11:45am Talk by Teacher

1:15pm–4:00pm   Group discussion and conclusion



18 years old and above

Registration Process

  1. Registration Commencement:Starting today

  2. Registration Deadline for onsite participants:10th February 2022

  3. Admission Notification: latest by 20th February 2022

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Course fee

This is a community service course offered free of charge to the public.

Study Location

The course is offered both online and onsite:

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No 1, Jalan Tun Hamzah, Mukim Bukit Katil, Hang Tuah Jaya,75450, Melaka.

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