Malaysian Han Studies (MHS) officially opened in February 2016 in Melaka. Formerly known as Chung Hua Cultural Education Centre (M) (established in 2009) it is a non-profit, private educational institution in Malaysia. It was set up to implement the aspirations of the Institute’s tutor, Professor Shi Chin Kung (2011):

“Revive the teaching of the ancient sages, that our society may be saved, then our planet will be saved. If this education be spread to the whole world, society will be stable, society will be peaceful, and people will be happy.”

– Master Chin Kung
– 2011 Ground Breaking Ceremony

MHS is now a seat of learning to propagate the Chinese traditional culture – a benevolent culture, a benevolent education to create a benevolent society. To rule the world, and to journey on the road to peace starts from learning to be a good person.


A world where peace will prevail because of virtue education that puts ethics into action.


Be a role model of family culture in Malaysia and share the teachings of sages with the world.


We uphold Sincerity, Respect, Humility and Peace in our core values, and apply the eight virtues and six arts of the Chinese traditional education system to assist students to learn willingly and work hard to achieve academic and character excellence, which contribute to the happiness of a family, a society, a country and ultimately a better world.


Self-cultivation forms the cornerstone, with teaching as the foremost priority. Emphasizing the importance of study highlights the significance of self-cultivation. As the “DaXue 《大學》” states, “From the emperor to the common people, self-cultivation is the foundation.” To propagate the principles of Taoism, teachers and administrators should lead by example, comprehending and acting upon the teachings of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Engaging with texts such as “Di Zi Gui《弟子規》”, “Tai Shang’s Induction Chapter《太上感應篇》” and “Ten Virtuous Karma and Dao Jing《十善業道經》” one should strive to learn and apply these teachings in daily life.